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Premium Machining Services for High performance street engines, Medium size diesels, Marine engines, Single cylinder engines, and Complete racing custom engines builds. Specializing in High Performance & Exotic/vintage engine rebuilding.

1 HP Complete Engine Assembly (1)
Complete Engine Assembly
2 HP Cleaning Crack Checking (1)
Cleaning / Crack Checking:
Pressure Testing and Magnafluxing
3 HP Computer Balancing
Computer Balancing
4 HP Complete Cylinder Head Service
Complete Cylinder Head Service
5 HP High Performance and Racing Custom..
High Performance / Racing Custom Builds:
Torque Plate honing,Porting,Computer Balancing,Stroker kits
6 HP Crank Shaft Work
Crankshaft Work:
Crankshaft Cleaning, Computer Balancing, Magnafluxing, and Grinding

Milling and Decking - Rottler S85A CNC:
Cylinder Head and Block Resurfacing
8 HP Engine Block Machining
Engine Block Machining:
Cleaning, Pressure Testing, Magnafluxing, Boring, Honing, Deck Surfacing & Align Honing Connecting Rod Service
9 Additional Magnum Machine Premium Services
Additional Magnum Machine premium services:
Metal stitching,Custom Rebuild Consultation, Flywheel Grinding, Cast Iron & Custom Aluminum Welding, Custom Valve Guide Installation, Press Work, Connecting Rod Service, Glass Beading.