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The Shop


Magnum Machine Shop

Magnum Machine has been providing complete engine machining services since 2002.  We focus on consistently providing excellent customer service and the highest quality finished products at a competitive price.  Our continuous investment in the latest equipment and education has made us one of the best choices in automotive machining throughout Hampton Roads and surrounding areas.

We are a proud member of the AERA - Automotive Engine Rebuilders association since 2006. Magnum Machine’s greatest asset is its attention to detail and willingness to explain any process from consultation, tear down, inspection, and crack testing to machining, ordering parts, and final assembly.

Complete Engine Assembly 3

Complete Engine Assembly Room


Our fully equipped 5000 sq. ft. machine shop houses between 25-30 specialized pieces of machining equipment. Here is where we put our experience to work; machining cylinder heads, crankshafts, blocks, and more. We take great pride in producing and assembling the best new and re-manufactured engines for you.


  1. Clean / Engine Assembly Room
  2. Cleaning Crack Checking
  3. Computer Balancing Machine
  4. Complete Cylinder Head service
  5. High Performance and Racing Custom engine builds
  6. Crankshaft Work
  7. Milling and decking - Rottler S85A CNC
  8. Engine Block Machining

9. Additional Magnum Machine premium services:

  • Metal stitching
  • Custom Rebuild Consultation
  • Flywheel Grinding
  • Cast iron and Custom aluminum welding (9d)
  • Custom valve guide installation (9e)
  • Press Work
  • Connecting Rod Service
  • Glass Beading (9h)